Development Team

The Development Team at Mt Seymour in Vancouver

For the past twenty years, through Mt Seymour support and development, riders and skiers have received national and international recognition through their involvement in slopestyle events, park and freeride. Devun Walsh, Kevin Sansalone, Roberta Rodgers and Wayne Wong all started out on Mt Seymour and have been major influencers in the progression of skiing and snowboarding.

Development Team members receive pre-season athletic training, support and guidance, attend workshops hosted by professionals and participate in photo and film shoots to use in portfolio development. These tools will aid in building a strong base for athletic career development and sponsorship opportunities.

Development Team members are featured on Mt Seymour’s website, social media channels and blog. The Mt Seymour Development Team is proudly sponsored by Muscle MLK Canada. The deadline for the 201/2017 Development Team application is Friday, November 11 . Please click HERE to download and print the form.